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New Directions in Post-16 English

A day conference for teachers of English in post-16 and higher education, organised by the NATE Post-16 & HE Committee: Middlesex University, 12 November 2016

Main Speakers:
Robert Eaglestone (Royal Holloway, University of London)
Billy Clark (Middlesex University)
David Briggs (Bristol Grammar School)




Participating members of the NATE Post-16 Committee:

Carol Atherton, Head of English at Spalding Grammar School

Moyra Beverton, English adviser and consultant

Susan Cockcroft, Principal Examiner in English Language/ Lang-Lit

Marcello Giovanelli, Assistant Professor in English Education at the University of Nottingham, Chair of Examiners for English Language and Literature

Ann Harris, Head of Division in the Department of Education at the Universiy of Huddersfield

John Hodgson, Editor of English in Education and Chair of the Post-16 Committee

Gary Snapper, Teacher at Cheney School, Oxford; Editor of Teaching English; Research Associate at Brunel University School of Education

Yvonne Williams, Head of English at Portsmouth High School for Girls


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